Thirty-five years ago, when I shot my first springbok, at the tender age of six, we were still using open-sighted rifles. Through my early years of hunting, using a silencer on my rifle never occurred to me. Looking back now, I can hardly imagine that we hunted for such a long time without using suppressors. The idea of adding length and weight to the front end of my barrel just did not appeal to me.

A few years ago, in an attempt to minimize recoil (and reduce damage to my hearing), I decided to import a titanium reflex suppressor from one of the world's leading manufacturers. However, due to restrictions imposed on the export of military-type suppressors to South Africa, this was not a viable proposition. I then decided to design and manufacture a suppressor that would meet my requirements: it had to be LIGHT, EFFECTIVE and extremely DURABLE.


A suppressor gets attached to the end of a rifle.  Therefore, the weight of the suppressor plays a crucial role. A small difference e.g. 100grams makes a huge difference when attached to the end of a rifle. One of the influences on Point of Impact is the weight of a suppressor.   The lighter the suppressor; the less effect on Point of Impact and handling of the rifle.

In the end, the less weight the suppressor has, the better for the sportsman.


EURO-VATO manufactures’ custom made ultra-lightweight military type suppressors and muzzle brakes that are designed for accurate, precision shooting.

Our aim is to produce ultra-lightweight suppressors while creating a balance between strength, weight, durability and accuracy. Customer service and satisfaction forms part of the core values of EURO-VATO.

All our products are 100% titanium, contain no loose internal components and have a Cerakote finish. Although we offer standard suppressors, clients can also order custom built suppressors according to their specifications and colour preference.

All suppressors are fitted with internal muzzle brakes to help reduce recoil. The suppressor will not shift your point of impact by more than 1 MOA, provided using an accurate rifle.

After 3 years of intense testing and designing, we are finally satisfied to launch the perfect suppressor for the South African market.